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High-Quality, UV and weather-resistant decorated metal, is now available from LamiNation, Inc. for building sturdy, functional outbuildings, manufactured products or ornamental pieces. LamiNation’s patent-pending decorated metal, utilizes an innovative and state of the art coating process. The lamination process results in metal that is available in a variety of patterns such as Realtree®, Mossy Oak® and GameGuard® camouflage, wood grains and other natural pattern finishes like stones.

The lamination process used in the creation of this decorated metal utilizes unique technology, which for the first time allows for sheet metal to be coated with environmentally resilient, UV stable decorative patterns. Films have been placed on metal before but no film placed on metal has been suitable for outdoor use. After over three years of research, LamiNation, Inc. has brought together in a unique way two technologies, laminating film and outdoor metals, resulting in decorative, highly-stable, permanently bonded metal.  These materials are produced to such quality and strength that they will stand up to constant use and the elements. It is highly UV stable, meaning that the metal and pattern can withstand the onslaught of UV sunlight and will not fade significantly, even after years of exposure.

LamiNation decorated metals can be used in unlimited ways because of the different gauges of metal offered. The patterns are permanently bonded to coiled steel or aluminum as well as flat sheets. The industrial grade laminated metal is also available in many possible sizes such as coil widths out to sixty inches and in unlimited lengths. LamiNation decorated metals can be either corrugated, roll-formed or bent into almost any shape, resulting in metal that can be used in constructing an outbuilding, bird feeder, duck blind or even a gardening shed. LamiNation, Inc. has top quality laminated metal siding and roofing in these exciting patterns as well.

LamiNation, Inc. is a family owned company. The Webb family developed the concept and headed the research into UV stable patterned sheet metal panels. LamiNation Inc. is ready to assist anyone who wants to construct a building or item with the beauty of stone, wood or other patterns with the strength and durability of metal.

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