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Country Mossy Oak Brush Game Guard
Camo Logos

Want an aluminum John Boat that looks like it’s made of teak? A game feeder covered in camo? No matter what your commercial application is, we’ve got you covered. LamiNation, Inc. offers two basic product lines, NatureClad™ panels come in a wide range of styles-from the beauty of natural wood-tone finishes like maple, cherry, cedar, oak or maple to the rugged style of stone patterns such as granite, marble or slate-the choices are virtually limitless. For the rapidly growing outdoor recreation industry we offer CamoPanel™. Utilizing innovative camo designs like th popular GameGuard® or Mossy Oak Brush ® pattern, your outdoor products gain a tremendous leap in recongnition aas well as added shelf appeal making them a target for millions of avid outdoor enthusiasts. At LamiNation, Inc. we are commited to helping manufacturers produce and bring to market products as beautiful as they are innovative. Products that will hold their beauty with the passage of time-the beauty of lamination.

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