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Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine surfaces as durable and long lasting as they are beautiful; metal outbuildings with the aesthetic quality of rich wood veneers; appliances with the look of stainless steel-but without the hassles of daily cleaning to remove fingerprints; metal boats skinned with the true depth beauty of the very latest in modern camouflage designs. This is the beauty of LamiNation…

Sure, it’s been done before-but never quite like this. We took it to the next level. After more than three years of extensive research and development we have created a decorataive laminated metals that are perfectly suited for outdoor use. Even years of direct exposure to sunlight are no longer a problem.

With many years of experience in the metal roofing and roll-form metal manufacturing business, we have learned a thing or two about using weather-able and UV resistant finishes. Solid color finishes have been available to the building industry for many years and have been used in a variety of applicaitons.But, there have always been limitations. There has never been a product available outside of the traditional color pallet that was truly UV stable until now. We brought two unique technologies together in a whole new way creating a product that could not only stand up to the rigors of daily direct exposure to sunlight, but is also remarkably versatile and beautiful. Image roll-formed metal building siding with the strength of metal and the outward beauty of wood. Industrial buildings no longer need to look well… industrial. Image decorated galvanized metal that looks like granite. A metal trash container no longer needs look well… like a metal trash container. Wood. Marble. Stone. Industrial designers now have a whole new pallet with which to work. They are now only limited by what they can imagine… what they can create.

We help create products as attractive as they are durable

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